Pangasinan, Philippines

I was on my way to becoming a computer programmer in 1990 when I felt like I was not pursuing the right career. It was while I was attending a home bible study that I realized the LORD was calling me to be a Pastor. Therefore, I took Bible School courses and completed a pastoral degree in 1997 from Seminary Education by Extension. I became a pastor of the “Risen Life Growth Center Baptist“ at the same year I graduated. However, years later, due to financial crisis, I felt the need to seek for greener pastures by applying for jobs abroad. This plan fell through five times, and I felt that the Lord had better plans for me and I only needed to wait for His right timing.

I stayed in our country and continued with ministering in our church and an opportunity to be a Chairman of the Village opened. I believe God gave me this opportunity and privilege to have a position that had more access to
evangelism and take care of God’s flock at the same time. Up to this day, I am still a pastor and am also a village official. I knew that this is God’s will for me because through these dual roles, there are lives in the community
that are touched by the love and power of God’s words who may not have been reached otherwise.


Our church started with eight family members only. We rented an empty garage to have a Sunday worship service and Sunday school classes for almost 10 years. Until one day, one of our church members donated a
piece of property and we, the members, began building the church. We are glad that the Lord touched someone’s heart to donate. Now, we have a permanent place for all our activities. Currently, the church has 25 family members. In addition to regular worship services, we have several activities such as house-to-house evangelism, a feeding program, and a Daily Vacation Bible School during summer break.


The tithes and offerings are used towards the renovation of the church building due to the damages on the roof and part of the wall. We feel this is a more urgent need due to safety reasons. The church cannot afford to bring all the volunteers in our outreaches due to lack of funds. The church also needs a tricycle to be able to access the outreaches and other areas for evangelism and discipleship training. We appeal to you, our potential supporters, we need your continuing help and we covet your valuable time for prayer, and need your generous heart to give. With your support, we can advance the kingdom of God in Zamboanga and glorify Him in all aspects of our lives.

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