Church for the Poor

Why indigenous ministries need our help?

The Philippines consists of many believers situated in far flung areas, unable to get a hold of any biblical resources that would further deepen their faith. Most of these village churches rely heavily on tithes. However, when the offerings deplete and the bread is gone, man cannot live and worship with faith alone.

The lord teaches the ‘preferential option for the poor’, so let us be the voice for the underprivileged. There is so much potential within our brothers and sisters, but they can only do so much with the given resources.

Hope is a spark. Be the match that fuels the hope in every community not just in the Philippine, but in all over the globe. Become the vessel in spreading the word of the Lord.

Act with Impact. Lend a helping hand now.

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PO Box 38095 968 West King Edward Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 4L9

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