Novaliches, Quezon City

I encountered Jesus Christ during my college life. I was devoted in excelling my studies knowing that education is the best way to fulfill my dreams. When I was studying at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) taking up Chemical Engineering, I felt unsatisfied and decided to pursue the ambition of my father to become General in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. I enrolled at the Philippine Military Academy but realized later on that killing people is not my desire. I then came back to UST and decided to continue my degree. There, I had a friend who introduced me to the LORD and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. I felt something different that I never felt from my past religious affiliation. It feels like God is calling me to be His own soldier and fight the spirits that is taking people away from Him. He let me saw the unseen war happening between His people and I felt that I need to do something – to use His words as my weapon to win back lost souls.

I studied at Manila Theological College to know more of His Words and with is grace, I finished my studies with Masteral and Doctoral degree. I have served many churches before as a pastor, continuing also as a high school teacher and Dean of Academics at Asia Harvesters College and Seminary to nurture students to become pastors. Years later, I and my family church-planted in our area and use the living room of our house as our church. Together with my wife and my children, we are now serving 35 regular members, mostly students.


Our church is a product of discipling students at Sta. Lucia High School who are now our members. Our church has Sunday services, feeding program for street children, youth camps, and bible school seminary to nurture students who aspire to be pastors. We also have “Cadet Nikers Youth Ministry”. CADET stands for Christ Advocacy Development Educational Training, a campus ministry that transforms the life of young generations into Christlikeness. The mission of CADET is to sponsor 12 or more students who will undergo leadership training for pioneer churches. The students are given a monthly allowance to assist their school supplies and other basic financial needs for their schooling. Our church also does an annual outreach to the children of Romblon.


The tithes and offerings are used towards the renovation of the church building due to the damages on the roof and part of the wall. We feel this is a more urgent need due to safety reasons. The church cannot afford to bring all the volunteers in our outreaches due to lack of funds. The church also needs a tricycle to be able to access the outreaches and other areas for evangelism and discipleship training. We appeal to you, our potential supporters, we need your continuing help and we covet your valuable time for prayer, and need your generous heart to give. With your support, we can advance the kingdom of God in Zamboanga and glorify Him in all aspects of our lives.

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PO Box 38095 968 West King Edward Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 4L9

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