Pangasinan, Philippines

God is the God of miracles indeed. I had ulcer when I was 17 years old. My family invited a pastor named Pastor Rodolfo Agonias to pray for me and to conduct a Bible Study in our house. After his four months of pastoral care
and leading the Bible study, I accepted the LORD Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Pastor Agonias’ kindness in his dealings with us touched my soul that I felt God is calling me to do Christian service like he’s doing. I saw
a vision of myself teaching others the way of the LORD which I thought was God’s way of telling me to lead His people. I accepted His calling and took up a pastoral course in Manila Bible College in 1996, and in 2014, I took
Bachelor of Theology in Send the Light Bible College.


We did not have an initial fund before we started our church. Our ministry began by sharing the Word of God to some children in the basement of a house. After a few months, both young people and adults came flocking in
until the basement became too small for us. We decided to transfer our group meetings under the tree, then to a hut nearby until we had saved enough financial contributions to renovate the hut into a more sturdy meeting place for us.

Currently, our church activities are Saturday prayer meeting, Wednesday bible study, and visitation of members twice a week. We are committed to be faithful in spreading the Word of God and preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Sta. Maria, Pangasinan so people will not come into condemnation but into eternal life in Christ Jesus.


The tithes and offerings are used towards the renovation of the church building due to the damages on the roof and part of the wall. We feel this is a more urgent need due to safety reasons. The church cannot afford to bring all the volunteers in our outreaches due to lack of funds. The church also needs a tricycle to be able to access the outreaches and other areas for evangelism and discipleship training. We appeal to you, our potential supporters, we need your continuing help and we covet your valuable time for prayer, and need your generous heart to give. With your support, we can advance the kingdom of God in Zamboanga and glorify Him in all aspects of our lives.

Tax-receipted gifts and/or for more information, please contact:


PO Box 38095 968 West King Edward Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 4L9

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