Pandan, Antique

I was one of the obedient Assembly of God pastor’s kids when I was growing up. But this didn’t last because the attraction of worldly life when I entered high school got a better hold of me.

Like a typical curious teenager, I got into all kinds of vice – drugs, drinking, and girls. I even experimented with the occult and the demonic practice of chanting. Little did I know that this would give me a lot of problems when I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as my Personal Lord and Savior from my sins. When I was in my 4th year high school, while I was attending my Uncle’s church, God in His goodness and great mercy, touched my heart as I understood the gospel for the first time and was convicted of all my wrongdoings. In 1994, I went to Agsom Bible School a year after my graduation from high school & graduated in 1988.

It was there that I met my wife, and pioneered a ministry in Cavite. I pursued more study at the Manila Theological School of Ministry and Bethel Bible College to be more equipped. As I mentioned earlier, delving into the occult was not a light thing. When the demons knew that I was not one of their followers anymore, they started causing me lots of problems. The demons would turn my bed in circles so that I cannot sleep and they also sent bats to run after me.

I had to fast and pray for many hours for days before I experienced deliverance from the demonic presence. One morning in 2000, after praying for almost all night, I saw a ball of fire leaving our house and a breath came out of me. When this happened, I felt light and knew that I was free from the demons bothering me.


In 2008, our pastor asked me to go to Antique, a province in the southern Philippines, to plant a church. At that time, my family and I were living in Cavite which is north of the country. When we started the church, we primarily ministered to children. After one week in Antique, we started building a children’s ministry. We felt that children were one of the best ways to reach out to their family, relatives, and then to the rest of the community.

To disciple our regular members and encourage new members, we hold Daily Vacation Bible Studies for two weeks in April. Our church also has initiated a program for children to support them in their learning and school work.

Other programs include feeding for kids, evangelism, international care ministry, music ministry for 12-18 years old and bible reading. Our church also ministers to vulnerable youngsters. We also offer opportunities for parents to discover, enhance and use their skills in baking, soap-making, cooking and making salted eggs and “kakanin” (rice treats) as a means of livelihood. We also have “Men’s Ministry” where we visit every father’s household and share the gospel of Jesus to their family.


The tithes and offerings are used towards the renovation of the church building due to the damages on the roof and part of the wall. We feel this is a more urgent need due to safety reasons. The church cannot afford to bring all the volunteers in our outreaches due to lack of funds. The church also needs a tricycle to be able to access the outreaches and other areas for evangelism and discipleship training. We appeal to you, our potential supporters, we need your continuing help and we covet your valuable time for prayer, and need your generous heart to give. With your support, we can advance the kingdom of God in Zamboanga and glorify Him in all aspects of our lives.

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