Pangasinan, Philippines

I was a pastor’s kid and had my first encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ when I was in grade 3. I remember sharing with my sister my desire to be like our father. Therefore, when I thought it was the right time, while in 3rd
year high school, I also enrolled in a Bible school. I’ve been privileged to have witnessed first-hand the power of God through people being delivered from demon possession due to their involvement with witchcraft, being
healed from their sicknesses, and even the miracle of a five-year-old deaf-and-mute girl being able to hear and talk for the first time. After this last experience of God’s power, my commitment and devotion to Jesus Christ
deepened. This motivated me to pastor a church in 2005 and was able to do it for more than a decade. Prior to my exposure to miracles, God had already called me through a vision to expand His Kingdom to prisoners who were already sentenced and locked up behind the bars. Being involved in this ministry has changed me to be more passionate and compassionate in ministering to people because we have the All Powerful God, who alone
is the Hope, the Comfort, and the God who can save these prisoners from the shackles of sin that had caused them to be in jail in the first place.


It was 2005 when my father asked me to take over the church he’s founded. For 12 years now, I’ve been the pastor of Faith Evangelical Pentecostal Church. The LORD also opened an opportunity for our church to partner with Lighthouse International Ministries to pilot a jail district ministry in our municipality. We have been in this jail ministry for 4 years now and have witnessed many prisoners who were brought to the saving knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ. In this jail ministry, there is a weekly Bible study, worship and prayer. In spite of the financial challenges of our church, our members were able to afford Bibles in the prison. As these prisoners experience the truth of the Word of God and the presence of God in their lives, they get transformed. Their hopelessness is replaced with hope and their sadness due to condemnation is filled with joy of forgiveness. They are now able to learn to access the comfort and love from their Heavenly Father.


The tithes and offerings are used towards the renovation of the church building due to the damages on the roof and part of the wall. We feel this is a more urgent need due to safety reasons. The church cannot afford to bring all the volunteers in our outreaches due to lack of funds. The church also needs a tricycle to be able to access the outreaches and other areas for evangelism and discipleship training. We appeal to you, our potential supporters, we need your continuing help and we covet your valuable time for prayer, and need your generous heart to give. With your support, we can advance the kingdom of God in Zamboanga and glorify Him in all aspects of our lives.

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